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Anthropology Resource Tool Expands Research Options

Need to expand your research options? Subscribe to the AAA Online Research Library.

The Online Research Library is a fantastic service, but not just for the unaffiliated. The New York Review of Books and The Economist are part of this publications packet. Access to these publications and the hundreds of journals from different disciplines makes broad and deep research efficient even from field sites. This is one of the most exciting services I have seen from any professional association. -Igna

Many applied anthropologists, who do not have access to a college or university library, have found the AAA Online Research Library to be an excellent resource.

As an applied anthropologist without an University affiliation, research journal access is vital to my work. As more anthropologists work in applied settings, this need will only grow. It’s great that the AAA is being proactive in addressing this need. It definitely adds value to my AAA membership. – Betsy

You can review the database list of more than 5,000 titles prior to purchasing unlimited access for one year.

I run a nonprofit, online, participatory, ezine that focuses on human ecology, izilwane.org, and the online research library is very useful to us. Every nonprofit that focuses in any way on anthropology should have access to this library. Having access to this library would allow all nonprofits to spread the word that we anthropologists are not only academics but that we are also out there in the world making a difference. – Tara

Subscribe to the AAA Online Library today!


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