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It’s time to vote in the 2013 Elections

Cast your vote by logging in to AnthroGateway, click on the “My Information” page, and then click on the “Vote Now!” button.

This month we’ll take a look at the candidates.

Today’s feature are the candidates for Executive Board Minority Seat: Sonya Atalay and Bernard Perley.

Members of the AAA Executive Board (EB) help to set the vision and strategic direction of the association, safeguard the organization’s assets, and ensure the fiscal, legal and ethical integrity of the association. EB members also translate the shared values and interests of the members into organizational plans and programs, determine desired organizational outcomes, and assess progress in achieving those outcomes. Click here for complete position details.

Sonya_AtalaySonya Atalay

Like many of us, perhaps, two things drew me to anthropology: intellectual curiosity about human behavior and a deep-rooted concern about the problems and injustices apparent in our world. As a Native American, I walked through the door of anthropology with a healthy dose of skepticism about the disciplines’ ability to achieve its aims of understanding all aspects of human society in ways that ‘do no harm’ while at the same time increasing public understanding; putting knowledge to work to solve real world problems; and even addressing injustices. Within the AAA we set high goals for our profession, and I think it’s important to maintain a critical gaze about what anthropology is, where the discipline’s headed, and where work remains. Some of the challenges I see for anthropology are internal, others require us to reframe and reassert our relevance to multiple external audiences. I will bring to the Executive Board leadership experiences as a member of the AAA Committee on Minority Issues as well as in chairing and as a member of Society for American Archaeology committees. I have familiarity with public policy as a member of the National NAGPRA Review Committee, and a commitment to engaged research crossing two sub-fields, both cultural anthropology and archaeology.

Bernard PerleyBernard Perley

I, Bernard Perley, am asking for your vote to become your Minority Seat representative on the Executive Board of the American Anthropological Association.  As a Native American and an anthropologist I am committed to making the American Anthropological Association a professional organization that welcomes and encourages minority participation at all levels.  Having served as an officer for SANA and AIA I am aware of the need to address issues of race and racism in anthropology.  As your representative for the Minority Seat I promise to work toward increasing the presence and participation of minority voices and visions in Anthropology.  I promise to work closely with current Executive Board members and I promise to take a leadership role as we help all our minority scholars find their professional voices in anthropology. I also promise to serve all my fellow anthropologists as we collectively identify productive and promising paths toward greater minority representation and professional development. This is an exciting time for our organization as increasing numbers of young minority scholars seek professional careers in anthropology and I look forward to welcoming them into an inclusive professional community.   I hope to do so by serving as your Minority Seat representative.  Thank you.

Log-in to AnthroGateway to vote today!


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