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It’s time to vote in the 2014 Elections

Cast your vote by logging in to AnthroGateway, click on the “My Information” page, and then click on the “Vote Now!” button.

This month we’ll take a look at the candidates.

Featured today are the candidates for the Nominations Committee Biological Seat: Janice Hutchinson and Katherine MacKinnon

Responsibilities of the Nomination Committee include:

  • To organize information regarding candidates that have been nominated for any AAA elected position (nominees can be self-nominated or by an individual or group of members of the AAA)
  • To make sure that all necessary information has been received by the committee in time for the meeting (especially proof that the nominee has agreed to run and, should s/he win, accept the position)
  • To meet annually to discuss nominations
  • To make recommendations to the Executive Board regarding the candidates for each position
  • To utilize the specific guidelines established by the Executive Board when making recommendation

Click here to learn more about the Nominations Committee.

Janice Hutchinson

Hutchinson_JaniceAs a member of the nomination committee I will work to ensure inclusiveness and diversity in the recruitment of candidates for AAA committees and boards. The goal will always be to not only have representation in terms of diverse areas of research and regional location, but to recruit anthropologists who will bring a broad range of perspectives and understanding of AAA’s mission and plans for achieving ethnic, gender, and regional diversity in the pool of candidates, among other goals. Potential candidates should be able to work collaboratively with other sections, bring ideas to promote our activities and contribute to ongoing issues within the AAA. One issue is the paucity of participation in AAA elections; another is the limited visibility of the AAA in dealing with societal issues that are really at the core of anthropology. I will reach out to sections and individuals on an ongoing basis to identify strong potential candidates.

Katherine MacKinnon

MacKinnon_KatherineAs an active member in the AAA, I am pleased to run for the biological seat on the Nominations Committee. I currently serve as Program Chair of the Biological Anthropology Section (BAS), and as such, have experience that aligns well with the responsibilities of the Nominations Committee. In the past I have served on the AAA Committee on Ethics (2005-2008), and was a member of the Task Force for Comprehensive Ethics Review (2008-2012), charged with overhauling the AAA Code of Ethics. I conduct fieldwork in Central and South America, and more recently Zambia, and since receiving my PhD in 2002 I have held a faculty position at the second-oldest Jesuit research university in the country, Saint Louis University. Although I am a biological anthropologist specializing in primatology, I consider myself first and foremost an anthropologist. My professional self-identity is in large part due to holistic undergraduate and graduate training at the University of California at Berkeley, and also reflects my commitment to an anthropology that employs integrative methodologies and theory to cut across traditional boundaries. As a member of the Nominations Committee, I would bring my experience serving within the AAA organization, and work hard to see that a broad and representative selection of candidates for offices is well-vetted and supported.

Log-in to AnthroGateway to vote today!

New Podcast Features Dr. Julienne Rutherford

Listen to the latest podcast, featuring biological anthropologists, Dr. Julienne Rutherford.

Dr. Rutherford in front of portrait entitled Psychedelic Placenta, by Mark Mershon, University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Nursing

Dr. Rutherford in front of portrait entitled Psychedelic Placenta, by Mark Mershon, University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Nursing

Julienne Rutherford earned her PhD in Biological Anthropology from Indiana University in 2007. She is an assistant professor of Women, Children, and Family Health Sciences and adjunct assistant professor of Anthropology at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). She is currently the President of the Midwest Primate Interest Group. She is also the Biological Anthropology Section editor for Anthropology News. She was named a Leadership Fellow by the AAA in 2011, and was the 2013 recipient of the American Society of Primatologists Legacy Award. She was recently named the UIC Researcher of the Year “Rising Star” in the Clinical Sciences.

Rutherford’s research revolves around a central interest in the dynamic maternal environment in which a fetus develops. She is primarily interested in the primate placenta as a signaling interface between mother and fetus. She works with both humans and non-human primates to address questions regarding the effect of maternal ecology (nutrition, life history experience, behavior) on placental morphology, metabolic function, and gene expression and downstream sequelae for offspring health both postnatally and later in life. She has published her multifaceted research in American Anthropologist, Placenta, American Journal of Physical Anthropologists, American Journal of Primatology, American Journal of Human Biology, Obesity, and Proceedings of the National Academy of the Sciences. She recently co-edited the volume Building Babies: Primate Development in Proximate and Ultimate Perspective. Her research is funded by the National Institutes of Health and the American Society of Primatologists.

Douglas Ubelaker meets AAA staff

Each month AAA staff get together for a “Jam Session”, an informative meeting to provide staff with an insight into anthropology. Douglas Ubelaker was the guest of honor at the December Jam Session. Dr. Ubelaker introduced staff to biological and physical anthropology and shared insights on projects he’s led throughout his career. Staff had many questions about the process of carbon dating, the process for handling disasters involving many causalities, and the expanding database of Latin American peoples.

Dr. Ubelaker is the curator of the physical anthropology collection at the National Museum of Natural History and has consulted on hundreds of FBI cases, provided expert testimony in scores of court cases, and is President of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences.

New PhD Program at George Washington University

In contrast to our recent post about schools closing anthropological programs, we are pleased to find the Anthropology department at George Washington University to be flourishing to the point that they need to expand to a PhD program in Anthropology.

George Washington’s Anthropology Department was established in 1892. Faculty train students in the fields of Sociocultural Anthropology, Archaeology, Linguistic Anthropology and Biological Anthropology.

The department’s long-standing partnership with the Smithsonian and access to Washington, DC’s archival collections and influential policy-making institutions encourage intellectual creativity, effective communication and vigorous scholarship.

The department is seeking candidates with a strong background in anthropology or related disciplines. Contact Professor Richard Grinker or visit the website for more information. Applications will be accepted in the Fall of 2011.

Bio anthropology recap

The June American Anthropologist features 2009 annual reviews for archaeology, biological, linguistic, practicing and sociocultural anthropology. (All members of AAA can access the articles by logging in at AnthroSource.) Julienne Rutherford blogged about her recap, “Descent with Modification: Bioanthropological Identities in 2009,” and the article is accessable from her blog. She mentions she used a Facebook group to identify thoughts about the biggest stories of the year, which is pretty ingenious.


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