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Photo Friday

The 2011 AAA Photo Contest is a showcase of anthropology at its best. Of the 93 photos submitted, AAA members selected their favorites in each of the four categories: Practice, People, Place and Process. You can view the top 20 photos in Anthropology News. Here on the AAA blog, we will feature several of the photos in a blog series, Photo Friday.

Title: Shaman Show
Photo Courtesy of Brian Donahoe
Contest Category: Practice
Caption: A row of shamans chants in unison at the opening of a tailgan, a public sacrifice and festival performed annually or seasonally at a sacred site to renew solidarity between a community and its local spirits. This tailgan, organized at Bukha-Noyon, a sacred site in Tunkinskii District, Buriatiia (Russia) as part of the symposium and festival “Psychophysiology and Social Adaptation of (Neo)Shamans in the Past and Present,” attracted artists, shamans, scholars, and tourists from around the world and offered participants the possibility of ‘addressing shamans channeling the spirits of the ancestors with your questions and problems.’

Start finding your best photos from the last two years…the 2012 AAA Photo Contest opens April 23! Winning photographs will be displayed at the 111th Annual Meeting in San Francisco. View contest details.

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People, Place, Practice and Process in the AAA Photo Contest

"Win, Place, Show" by Brian Donahoe. 2009 AAA Photo Contest Winner.

We’re asking participants in the 2011 AAA Photo Contest to choose a category for each photo they submit. The categories are People, Place, Practice and Process. Here is a little about each:

  • People photos feature the “who” of anthropology. They may include portraits, small groups, crowds, researchers and more.
  • Place photos focus on the “where” of anthropology. Emphasis is on the location more than anything else.
  • Practice photos show the “what” of anthropology. They may focus on a specific area of study, but they may also show what anthropologists do in the course of their work.
  • Process photos demonstrate the “how” of anthropology. These photos are likely to show an in-depth aspect of anthropological work.

Just like in Brian Donohoe’s photo from the 2009 contest, photos can show elements from more than one category. The question to this year’s photo contest participants is: What do you want to emphasize?  

The Photo Contest is accepting submissions through August 15, 2011. Guidelines and the submission form are available here.


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