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AN Thematic Series on Health, Well-Being and Happiness

Notions of health, well-being and happiness are intertwined in how people approach and view their lives. The March 2012 issue of Anthropology News seeks contributions that explore these notions, particularly in this time of many uncertainties and changes around the world—economic, political, societal, medical, environmental, and more. How do we seek out good health, well-being and happiness? How are medical systems and healing systems interpreted, used and adapted? How do people meet health challenges, such as increased chronic illnesses and the obesity epidemic? How do preventive practices help move people towards well-being? How is health and well-being connected to notions of happiness? What are different interpretations of satisfaction and fulfillment? And how do notions of success and happiness changing? What does it mean to live a good life? We invite proposals to consider these questions and more in exploring health, well-being and happiness from a uniquely anthropological perspective.

For guidelines and submission details, see the Call for Proposals.

Deadline for AN Proposals on Funding Extended to July 1

The extended deadline for proposals for AN’s series on funding is July 1.

Securing grants, fellowships and other forms of funding is a major part of anthropology education, research, programming and more. This has become even more challenging as budget cuts are impacting funding sources.

The November 2011 issue of Anthropology News will feature a thematic series on funding. This will offer anthropologists the opportunity to share advice, insight and success stories on how to fund projects, from short-term individual research to long-term projects by organizational partnerships, and other issues related to funding. Essays in this series may include—but are not limited to—practical guidance from both recipients and reviewers, advice for presenting anthropology to non-anthropology proposal reviewers, recommendations for implementing funded projects, and suggestions for how to create projects that both appeal to funding agencies and are true to anthropological research.

To participate, email a 300-word abstract and 50–100-word biosketch to AN Managing Editor Amy Goldenberg. We welcome proposals for In Focus commentaries, Teaching Strategies articles, Field Notes pieces, photo essays, news stories and interviews. Proposals for photo essays should also include up to five high resolution photographs (tiff or jpg), each with a caption and credit. Multimedia submissions are encouraged for online publication. Final contributions for print AN will be 1,100–1,300 words in length for commentaries and shorter for other contribution types. More flexible word counts will be available for content published on the new AN website.

Questions? Send them to Amy Goldenberg. New deadline for proposals is July 1.


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