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It’s time to vote in the 2014 Elections

Cast your vote by logging in to AnthroGateway, click on the “My Information” page, and then click on the “Vote Now!” button. The deadline to vote is May 31st at 5pm ET.

This month we’ll take a look at the candidates.

Featured today are the candidates for the Committee on Gender Equity in Anthropology Undesignated Seat #1: Maxine Oland and Sarah Surface Evans.

Responsibilities of the committee members include:

  • Monitor gender discrimination within the discipline
  • Pursue greater parity for women in the discipline by means of:
    a. monitoring, including gathering information that illuminates issues that effect the diverse women in anthropology as well as efforts to obtain existing comparable survey data,
    b. advocating, including bringing findings before the Association’s members, in the form of resolutions, when appropriate and
    c. educating, including distributing brochures, meeting with department chairs, setting up an interactive presence on the internet/web and writing periodic updates for the AN.
  • Identify forms of sexual harassment in all settings where anthropologists work and learn including the varieties of biases that complicate issues regarding race/ethnicity, gender stereotyping and preferences, class, and disabilities.
  • Interact on an ongoing basis with the Association’s long range planning process on issues of gender parity.

Click here to learn more about the Committee on Gender Equality in Anthropology.

Maxine Oland

Oland_MaxineWhile our discipline claims some expertise in understanding the role of gender in cultures and institutions around the world, many anthropologists continue to face inequities in our own professional settings. My interest in serving on CoGEA is inspired by my personal experience–as an academic, an adjunct professor, and a mother–and by my conversations with young colleagues, who tell me stories of sexual harassment, and gender and sexuality-based discrimination across all subfields. My work with the Committee On The Status of Women in Archaeology (Society for American Archaeology) has brought attention to issues of motherhood and mentorship within the sub-discipline of archaeology. I seek a position on CoGEA to increase gender parity across anthropology more broadly. I am particularly interested in the ways that gender inequality intersects with class, race, ethnic identification, age, and sexuality, with life choices/ realities such as parenthood and marriage status, and with structural factors in our academic and professional institutions. Inequalities can be experienced at any level of career, but are of particular concern for young scholars and recent graduates, whose lack of professional power and mentorship puts them at the greatest risk of exploitation.

Sarah Surface Evans

Surface-Evans_SarahAs a female archaeologist, who has worked in the private sector, government, and academia, I have encountered many situations that underscore the immense work that remains to be done to ensure gender equity in our discipline. In 2011, I organized a round table (LEGACIES, SHIFTING REALITIES, AND (RE)INVENTING ROLES FOR WOMEN IN ARCHAEOLOGY) with Misty Jackson for the annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association to initiate a frank and open discussion of gender bias and discrimination in archaeology. One of the outcomes of the round table was the creation of the Feminist Voices in Archaeology Blog, which is an online forum for sharing stories, creating a community, and building mentorship. While the blog has been somewhat successful, participation has been much less than we hoped for. It is all too clear to me that even anonymous digital spaces are not safe enough for this discussion. Consequently, I wish to serve on CoGEA in order to be able to foster a safe environment within the discipline and promote positive change in the anthropological community. To start, I would like to see the development of an AAA-sanctioned online forum and to use social media to increase mentorship and communication.

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