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New Organization Blends Conservation and Anthropology with Inspirational Results

This comes from Kira Johnson, Outreach Coordinator at Izilwane.

Izilwane promotes biodiversity conservation through shared knowledge and experience. The non-profit online magazine takes an anthropological approach to biodiversity loss, exploring the place of humans in the global ecosystem. The goal of the writers and editors of Izilwane is to educate the public about the need to slow the global rate of biodiversity loss by enhancing public awareness of and connection to the natural environment through articles, interviews, photo galleries, video galleries and other multimedia.

Izilwane operates at the cutting edge of conservation understanding that before individuals will change their actions, they must first change their perceptions. As an educational online ezine, Izilwane is a catalyst that inspires this change.

In a few short months, Izilwane has published articles on the Sixth Great Extinction, wolf reintroduction in Idaho, the return of the Aplomado falcon to New Mexico, and how the Youth Conservation Corps programs inspire young people to care about nature. Photo galleries include “The Galapagos,” “Philippine Marine Life” and others. There are interviews of filmmaker Chris Palmer and  Michael Soule, the grandfather of conservation biology.

 Izilwane launched in October 2010 as an online magazine. The non-profit continues to operate entirely by volunteer efforts, amounting to nearly 7,000 volunteer hours last year. Generous contributions from donors who support our cause continue to aid in our operating costs. Dr. Tara Waters Lumpkin, an environmental and medical anthropologist, founded Izilwane in 2009 and has worked tirelessly since to ensure the organization’s success.

Visit our website, http://www.izilwane.org, to learn more about the importance of our cause and to learn more about our place as a human animal in this miraculous and beautiful world.

Student Opportunities on the AAA Website

The AAA website is a great resource for students seeking info on upcoming meetings, funding, field schools and more. Did you know the American Museum of Natural History’s Center for Biodiversity and Conservation will host the Student Conference on Conservation Science in New York, Nov 3-5? This is a great opportunity for grad students, post-docs, early-career professionals, and those considering a profession in the field. To participate, submit an application online by May 18, or check out the AAA meetings calendar for other events in your area. To submit conference info for the calendar, email Amy Goldenberg at agoldenberg [at] aaanet.org.

Looking for job, fellowship or internship announcements? Check out the AAA Bulletin Board, our professional development website, or subscribe to section listservs. Right now the Human Relations Area Files at Yale is seeking an intern with a BA in anthropology for a 1-year internship (stipend: $16,000). Continue reading


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