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AAA Author Agreement

In response to yesterday’s blog post, Jason Baird Jackson identified that the author agreements of AAA and MLA are distinct through which party retains the copyright. To clear up this question, click here to view the AAA author agreement template. While AAA does retain the copyright of the author’s work, under the AAA author agreement the author enjoys many freedoms as AAA makes strides to embrace accessibility and to support the author’s future endeavors.

AAA recognizes that MLA’s new policy might be a progressive move in their publishing program. The purpose of highlighting AAA’s author agreement was not to diminish the good news of MLA but to inform our authors of their rights.

While AAA does retain the copyright of the work, the author is given the following rights:

1) To use the article for educational or other scholarly purposes of Author’s own institution or company; 2) To post the article on Author’s personal or institutional website; 3) To post the postprint manuscript draft (i.e. manuscript draft post peer-review) or uncorrected page proofs of article on free, discipline-specific public servers of preprints and/or postprints; and 4) to publish the article or permit it to be published by other publishers, as part of any book or anthology, of which he or she is the author or editor, subject only to his or her giving proper credit to the original publication by the American Anthropological Association, unless the anthology is drawn primarily from Publication Title.

To view AAA’s author agreement template, click here.


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