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Multimedia in Anthropology News Articles on Cultural Heritage

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Anthropology News (AN) is excited to present two essays in our series on Cultural Heritage that feature multimedia content and demonstrate how anthropologists can incorporate new technologies into their work and writing. By using multimedia technologies, readers are able to engage with and experience articles on AN in new and exciting ways. Contributors to Anthropology News can also use this technology to bring further texture to their research, analysis and writing. We encourage readers and contributors to try it out!

Multimedia in the Cultural Heritage Series

Antoinette T. Jackson’s article, “Intangible Cultural Heritage and Living Communities” allows readers to hear community members, Ms. Bertha and Ms. Florence as they share memories and reflections of their community, Nicodemus, KS. Listening to their voices, the reader is able to uniquely experience the history of this community and connect it with the work of the researcher. Jackson emphasizes the role “that the living community plays in cultural heritage preservation” and with the embedded sound clip, readers gain a deeper understanding of this role. Read the full article here.

Hülya Sakarya in, “Complexity of Heritage in Post-Conflict Settings,” shares with readers her fieldwork experience in Tiblisi, Georgia. Through an accompanying video, Sakarya brings readers into her fieldwork experience as she explores the complexity and ambiguity of the reopening of the  Abkhazian House at the Open Air Museum of Ethnography in Tiblisi, two decades since an ethnic conflict with Abkhazian separatists in Georgia. Click here for the full article.

For more in this great series on cultural heritage, check out the In Focus section of Anthropology News. Kathryn Lafrenz Samuels writes on “What is Cultural Heritage?,” Henrike Florusbosch explores the politics and economics of local heritage initiative in Mali and Ghana, Rabia Harmanşah describes doing fieldwork in contested places, such as Cyprus, Michael A Di Giovine and Sarah E Cowie consider, “The Definitional Problem of Patrimony and the Futures of Cultural Heritage,” Maria F Curtis provides analysis of the celebration of Nowruz in Houston, Richard Meyers, Charlotte E Davidson, April Eastman write on “Embracing Cultural Heritage in Higher Education Institutions,” Blaire O Gagnon discusses the use of the phrase “lean back” by an artisan-vendor in Mexico in comparison to Sheryl Sandberg’s promotion of “leaning in,” and Alejandro J Figueroa reflects on “Successful Local Cultural Heritage Management” in Honduras.


Cultural Heritage Protection on China Radio Intl.

Yesterday, China Radio International featured an English-language debate program about cultural heritage protection in China. Panelists included Cornell anthropologist Magnus Fiskesjö, Zhang Qin (Tongji U, Shanghai) and Lou Deyin (Tsinghua U, Beijing). The panel discussion, from the show “Today,” is now available online.

The introduction describes, “Since China launched economic reforms 30 years ago, cultural heritage protection has often been overlooked to make way for economic growth. But recent years have also seen increasing efforts both from the governments and the public to better protect culture…” Magnus Fiskesjö (pictured above) recently contributed to the March 2010 Anthropology News issue on repatriation.

2010 Global Heritage Preservation Fellowship Program Now Accepting Proposals

The Global Heritage Preservation Fellowship Program is now accepting Letters of Inquiry seeking support for field projects to be conducted this summer at significant heritage sites in the developing world. The GHP website notes, “The purpose of the Global Heritage Preservation Fellowship Program is to support cultural heritage conservation and community development work with the potential for significant contributions to the long-term preservation of endangered cultural heritage sites in developing countries by international and in-country scholars and students.” Awards range from $2,000 to $5,000. Program and application details are available online.

Conference on Cultural Heritage Film Seeks Papers

The Archaeological Legacy Institute has announced a call for submissions for the TAC Festival Conference on Cultural Heritage Film to be held May 18-21 in Eugene, OR. The conference is organized in conjunction with the annual Archaeology Channel International Film and Video Festival to promote collaboration and discussion of new ideas and approaches in the creation, distribution and use of cultural heritage film. Papers on applications of film (academic, cultural, practical, educational) will be considered for conference presentation. There will also be an open discussion of festival films, which participants will receive tickets to view. Send submissions and inquiries to conference [at] archaeologychannel.org. Abstract Submission Deadline: April 19, 2010.


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