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Culture, Kin & Cognition in Oceania: Essays in Honor of Ward Goodenough

This week’s publication feature from the AAA online store is a collection of essays entitled: Culture, Kin & Cognition in Oceania: Essays in Honor of Ward Goodenough is edited by Mac Marshall and John L. Caughey.
This collection of essays exploring current issues in the study of Pacific cultures is intended both as a contribution to Oceanic cultural anthropology and as an honor to Ward H. Goodenough, whose work has had a tremendous impact on modern cultural anthropology in general and on the field of Oceanic anthropology in particular. Goodenough has contributed significantly to defining the issues presented in the pages to follow and to developing methods and theories with which to explore them. He has also influenced directly the thinking of the authors represented here, either while they were his students at the University of Pennsylvania or his younger colleagues in the field of Oceanic anthropology.
Contents include:
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction, John L. Caughey and Mac Marshall
  • Sex, Shit, and Shame: Changing Gender Relations among the Lakalai, Ann Chowning
  • The Cultural Construction of Reproduction and Its Relationship to Kinship and Gender (New Guinea Highlands), Anna Meigs
  • The Ethnographer as Detective: Solving the Puzzle of Niutao Land Tenure Rules, Jay Noricks
  • Tribal Words, Tribal Worlds: The Translatability of tapu and mana, Anne Salmond
  • Land, Sea, Gender, and Ghosts on Woleai-Lamotrek, William H. Alkire
  • Rashomon in Reverse: Ethnographic Agreement in Truk, Mac Marshall
  • Social Structure as Process: Longitudinal Perspectives on Kwaio Society, Roger M. Keesing

This collection is available at the AAA online store for a special AAA member price of $7.00. Click here to make your purchase today!

IMPORTANT – Please note that this book is not available in an electronic version. A print version can be purchased via the AAA Online Store. Shipping costs will apply.


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