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Latest Draft Principle from Ethics Task Force Posted

The Ethics Task Force has posted the latest draft principle for member review and comment. Here is a special message from the Task Force:

As a reminder, the task force has been asked to undertake a thorough review of our current code of ethics, and to suggest revisions. We have begun a process of drafting revisions, and are asking for your involvement in that process.

When reading through the postings, please keep in mind: rather than incorporating all of the complexities and areas of concern — as well as all the unique concerns and situations particular to a given subdiscipline or context of anthropological practice — into a single document, we are seeking to identify broad principles applicable to all anthropologists, principles which will be supported by layers of additional resources–explanatory text, examples from different contexts or areas of practice, case studies, and resources from other disciplines. We are asking for your involvement in drafting and refining these principles. We want to use your comments and suggestions to both revise the principles as appropriate and to help us determine if we’ve captured the concerns of the members, on the one hand, and the demands placed on the code on the other.

As you read through our blog postings over the next several months, please:
   1. carefully read each principle as it is posted to the blog, paying attention to the content  and thinking about its relevance to your practice
   2. make relevant comments and suggestions on the blog site in a timely manner.  Feel free to share personal stories, case examples, competing interpretations, etc.
   3. pay attention to the ongoing conversations about the principles and do background reading if you are late to join the discussion of a particular topic

Thank you for being part of this important discussion.

-The Task Force

Click here to view the latest draft principle: Protect and Preserve Your Records. To view previous draft principles, click here.

Ethics Task Force Compiles Draft Principles One to Four

The Task Force for Comprehensive Ethics Review has compiled the first four draft principles for member review.  These are the same draft principles that have previously been posted here. The Task Force wanted to circle back and post the draft principles as compilation in a continued request for help from AAA Members in the reviewing and refining process.

We read your comments and suggestions, and value your views and concerns, and are using them to revisit, review and revise the text on an ongoing basis. We have posted a comment under Principle 1 addressing the concerns that were brought up in member responses to that principle. As we noted there, we consider this an on-going dialogue.

We look forward to hearing from you.

-The Task Force for Comprehensive Ethics Review

The Task Force will have a fifth draft principle available for member review and comments next week. Please check back with the Ethics Task Force blog pages frequently for updated information and comments.




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