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It’s time to vote in the 2014 Elections

Cast your vote by logging in to AnthroGateway, click on the “My Information” page, and then click on the “Vote Now!” button.

This month we’ll take a look at the candidates.

Today’s feature are the candidates for Executive Board Archaeology Seat: Elizabeth Chilton and Deborah Nichols.

Members of the AAA Executive Board (EB) help to set the vision and strategic direction of the association, safeguard the organization’s assets, and ensure the fiscal, legal and ethical integrity of the association. EB members also translate the shared values and interests of the members into organizational plans and programs, determine desired organizational outcomes, and assess progress in achieving those outcomes. Click here for complete position details.

Elizabeth Chilton

Chilton_ElizabethI am honored to have been nominated and selected to run as a candidate for the Executive Board. I have been an active member of AAA since 1989 and consider myself a broadly trained and practicing anthropologist. My research specializations include the archaeology of Northeastern North America, cultural resource management, and heritage studies. I have served AAA as a member of the Archaeology Division’s Nominations Committee (2007-10) and Executive Committee (2010-13). As an archaeologist I have worked for state government, private CRM firms, and both private and public colleges and universities. In my current position as Associate Dean for Research, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, at UMass, I have become even more keenly aware of the challenges for communicating the value of anthropology to the various publics that fund and support our research, teaching, and outreach. I have held a number of administrative roles (Department Chair, Center Director, Field Director) that prepare me well for the responsibilities of the Executive Board: helping to set the vision and strategic direction, safeguarding the organization’s assets, and ensuring the fiscal, legal and ethical integrity of the association. I would be pleased to have the opportunity to contribute more strongly to AAA.

Deborah Nichols

Nichols_DebAAA provides a broad umbrella for anthropology’s rich diversity within and among its subfields. AAA’s large publication program is essential to the discipline to present the breadth of anthropology’s knowledge and insights and to engage wider audiences within and beyond anthropology. To adapt and take advantage of the changing landscape for academic publishing, AAA’s publishing program will become fully digital. The transition will present challenges, but it also affords opportunities to take greater advantage of electronic publishing and ensure that the publishing program is sustainable and able to adapt to future changes. A strong publishing program is important to our current members and to attract future members. I would bring to the Executive Board an international engagement with anthropology, first-hand knowledge of the association, and leadership experience. I have been elected as president of the Archaeology Division and was twice elected Section Assembly Convener, and I have chaired the Association’s Operating Committee and the Committee for the Future and Print and Electronic Publishing. I have served on the Executive Board of the Society for Economic Anthropology and on editorial boards including for American Anthropologist, the Annual Review of Anthropology, and Ancient Mesoamerica.

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