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New Resource for Emerging Anthropologists

Two important lessons we learned at the 2013 Annual Meeting in Chicago:

1. Recent graduates in anthropology are deeply devoted to the field and motivated to spread the good word. The rising scholars we spoke with had broadly-conceived career goals like ‘make a difference’ and ‘do something meaningful’. And they were eager to introduce anthropology into less-familiar career settings – design anthropology, program evaluation, evidence-based policy, data artistry, digital anthropology, organizational behavior, heritage management, to name a few. Discussions in the hallways, between sessions and workshops, in the Careers Expo and the Section Summit, often centered on the array of career alternatives available to anthropologists and the preparation needs of students in a rapidly evolving job market.

2. Despite all our enthusiastic conversations over the course of the Annual Meeting, we had nowhere to continue the conversation and no central location for keeping in touch with one another.

As a result, we have developed The Engaging Anthropology Forum on Facebook to provide a platform for discussing careers in anthropology. This page will serve as an avenue for recent graduates pursuing careers in academic, applied, and practicing anthropology to share career prep and job search advice, news items spotlighting the work of anthropologists, and information on funding and training opportunities.

We also want to include current students in post-graduation discussion. Soon-to-be anthropologists need to be kept abreast of the evolving job climate and opportunities to prepare early for innovative new careers, so we invite current students and student organizations to join the discussion Forum. So far more than 50 student groups can be found on the Anthropology Clubs Roster (listed under Notes) on the Engaging Anthropology Forum. In addition, the broader field of anthropology can learn much from the enthusiasm of these student groups. Many of the clubs maintain group webpages, including Facebook and Tumblr pages. We invite you to visit their pages and see how they are bringing anthropology to their schools and communities. By sharing these stories, we hope to further incorporate student interests in AAA activities and offer inspiration for ever bigger and better anthropology clubs.

We have some exciting projects in the works for collaboration with up-and-coming anthropologists! We hope that this forum will open new channels for communication among the networks of emerging anthropologists.

Visit the page, let us know what you think, and next time you come across a useful piece of information on careers in anthropology, come share with your colleagues on the Engaging Anthropology Forum!


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