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Decolonizing Anthropology: Moving Further toward an Anthropology for Liberation

Decolonizing Anthropology: Moving Further toward an Anthropology for Liberation edited by Faye V. Harrison.

provides a most-needed analysis of the benefits and limitations of the new cultural anthropology.  Bolles ~American Ethnologist, 1994 (DOI: 10.1525/ae.1994.21.4.02a00160)

“groundbreaking” Levinson – The Teachers College Record, 2008

Decolonizing Anthropology is part of a broader effort that aims to advance the critical reconstruction of the discipline devoted to understanding humankind in all its diversity and commonality…The utility and power of a decolonized anthropology must continue to be tested and developed…May the results of our ethnographic probes–the data, the social and cultural analysis, the theorizing, and the strategies for knowledge application–help us envision clearer paths to increased understanding, a heightened sense of intercultural  and international solidarity, and last, but certainly not least, world transformation.

SUPPORTS: Fieldwork and methodology courses, Anthropology of Race and Racism, African American history and studies.

Print copies of this book are available for purchase at the AAA online store at a special member price of $15.00. This book is also available in electronic version at Powell’s Books or Kobo.


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