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NEH and NSF award $3.9 million to preserve languages threatened with extinction

The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) announced the award of 10 fellowships and 24 institutional grants totaling $3.9 million in the agencies’ ongoing Documenting Endangered Languages (DEL) program.

This is the seventh round of their campaign to preserve records of languages threatened with extinction. Experts estimate that more than half of the approximately 7,000 currently used human languages are bound for oblivion in this century, and the window of opportunity for high-quality language field documentation, they say, narrows with each passing year.

These new DEL awards will support digital documentation work on almost 50 endangered languages, enhance the computational infrastructure of the field and provide training for the next generation of researchers.

Read the complete article.

Congratulations to grant recipients!

American Anthropological Association Request for Proposals – Ethics Small Grant Program


The goal of the AAA Small Grants Program is to foster the development and use of curricular materials for the teaching and communication of ethics and ethical practice across the discipline of anthropology. Administered by the AAA Committee on Ethics, this small grant program encourages the awareness of and innovation in ethics curricular materials used in introductory, undergraduate, and graduate classes. Proposals for the development of curricular materials in a variety of forms are welcome, including texts, films, blogs, websites, exhibits, and other innovative media forms.  The grant recipient(s) will have ten months to complete these new curricular materials, the results of which will be featured in the “Ethical Currents” column of the December issue of AN as well as on the AAA ethics blog, and highlighted at the Annual Meeting.


All members of the American Anthropological Association are eligible to apply. Please visit www.aaanet.org for details on joining the Association, dues, and details on the benefits of membership.  Proposals may request from $200 to $1,000 and must address a clearly defined curricular material development project.  Note, the total budget allocation for this grant program for is $1000, thus proposals that include matching funds are encouraged.

Conflict of Interest Statement

All CoE award committees follow NSF guidelines regarding potential conflict of interest between applicants and reviewers.


The deadline for proposals is November 1, 2011.  Please send proposals, acceptable in the following format only, and questions about the program via email to laradeeb@gmail.com in advance of the deadline.

Proposal Format

1. Application Cover Page should include the name, organization/department, address, phone number, and AAA membership number of the applicant, the title of the project, and the total amount in the requested budget.

2. Summary or Abstract (1/2 page) Present a brief summary of the entire proposal.

3. Project Description, including timeline (two pages) The project description should address the following questions: (a) What is the new curricular material to be developed? (Provide detail on form, content, and development strategies and intended audiences — including the potential involvement of undergraduate or graduate students and the broader public). (b) What is the curricular lacuna(e) that this new material will fill?  (c) How will this new material address the specificities of anthropological ethics?  (d) How will this new material be disseminated, in addition to a write-up in AN and on the ethics blog?  (e) What is the timeline for the production of this new material?

4. Summation of Applicant’s CV (2 pages maximum)

5. Budget Explanation (approx. 1/2 page) Provide justification for the budget and any additional information to help the review committee understand how calculations were made. Explain any unusual line items in the budget. If the requested grant amount will not cover all project expenses, please indicate the other sources of funding. You may also identify other contributions in this section, such as your time, resources of your department, equipment and other materials.

Grant Timeline

The successful applicant(s) will be notified in December 2011 and the grant awarded in January 2012.  The new curricular material must be completed by November 1, 2012.  A final report (1 page) is to be submitted to Committee on Ethics Chair Lara Deeb <laradeeb@gmail.com> by December 1, 2012.  The successful applicant is also responsible for providing a write-up about the new curricular material for the “Ethical Currents” column of the December 2012 issue of AN as well as providing additional content and links for the AAA ethics blog.

NEH Needs Your Support

House Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers (R-KY) announced plans for a Continuing Resolution that would reduce spending by $74 billion below President Obama’s 2011 budget request for the remainder of the year.  This proposal would cut over $12 million from the National Endowment for Humanities (NEH)!

As one of the largest funders of humanities programs in the US, NEH provides critical support for research, education, preservation, and public programs in the humanities through grants to a wide range of educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and scholars nationwide.

Write to your representative today to let members of Congress know WHY the humanities and NEH are important to you, their constituent.


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