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Anthropologists in the Media

American PickersHere at the AAA office, I field calls from producers looking for anthropologists. From popular television shows like Jeopardy to channels like NatGeo, producers are looking for experts to answer their latest questions or provide accuracy to their newest series.

A couple of weeks ago, a woman from the History Channel’s hit show American Pickers called the AAA office. In the latest pick, Mike and Frank purchased a bow and arrow set. The pickers were told that the set was from the Philippines and that the arrows were poisonous. Did the story check out? Is there an anthropologist that could come help verify the pick?

Because of tools such as the AAA membership database, I was able to refer this researcher to a selection of anthropological experts. American Pickers brought anthropologist Candace Sall, Associate Curator at the Museum of Anthropology at the University of Missouri on the show to share her assessment of the bow and arrow set. Her appearance starts at minute 40 of the episode “Cheap Pick”.

If you’ve been putting your AAA online membership profile on the back burner, the present is an opportune time to complete it. By searching through the database, I can help connect the media with you when they are seeking your area of expertise. I have yet to come across an inquiry where there isĀ not an anthropologist for a topic in question.

I look forward to including you in the next inquiry!



Joslyn Osten is the Marketing and Communications Manager for the American Anthropological Association.


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