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Put Your Program on the Map

The American Anthropological Association (AAA) is offering a FREE copy of a prior year’s print AnthroGuide to international organizations who complete a new listing.

What is AAA’s AnthroGuide? The AnthroGuide is the definitive resource to identify anthropologists with particular backgrounds and the only resource for students that aids them in selecting educational programs. Inclusion in the AnthroGuide makes your faculty and staff, degree and/or certificate programs visible to the one thousand subscribers of the AnthroGuide and hundreds of anthropology advisors.

Take a peek inside (click on image to see readable size):

AG interior

How to get your FREE copy? To enter your listing, so you can receive a free copy of the AnthroGuide, please contact Oona Schmid (guide@aaanet.org) for access to the submission portal.

In order to be eligible for a free copy of the AnthroGuide, institutions:

  1. must be primarily anthropological (which includes archaeology, human evolution and origins, and linguistic anthropology);
  2. be situated outside of the United States and Canada;
  3. submit a complete listing with details about your staff and faculty, degrees and certificates;
  4. compose submission in English; and
  5. have not listed in the AnthroGuide previously.

AAA can only send out free AnthroGuides while we have inventory and we will mail out free copies in the order of the listings that are correctly entered and approved, as meeting the eligibility requirements above.


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