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Troops Out, Now What?

AAA member, Jose Vasquez, writes the latest piece on The Huffington Post. Here’s an excerpt:

March 19th marked the sad anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq. Nine tumultuous years after “shock and awe,” the people of Iraq struggle to rebuild their society while dealing with the aftermath of a disastrous occupation. When the last combat brigades pulled out in December 2011, putting Iraq in their rear-view mirrors, what was the legacy they left in their wake and the burdens they brought home with them?

As both an organizer active with Iraq Veterans Against the War and a student of anthropology, I have worked closely with U.S. military veterans who served in the so-called “Global War of Terror,” particularly those involved in peace and social justice movements. Looking back, I see many lessons to be drawn from this costly debacle.

Read the entire piece on the Huffington Post.

AAA Member on First U.S.-led Archaeological Survey Inside Iraq in 20 years

Courtesy of NSF - click on photo for complete slideshow

Research assistant professor in the Environment and Sustainability Program of the School of the Earth, Ocean, and Environment at the University of South Carolina, Jennifer Pournell was one of three National Science Foundation-supported researchers that recently undertook the first non-Iraqi archaeological investigation of the Tigris-Euphrates delta in nearly 20 years. Pournelle and her research team carried out the study lateĀ  last year to look for links between wetland resources and the emergence of Meopotamian cities.

Read about their investigation and experience in Iraq, here.


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