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The Second Issue of Open Anthropology is Here!

Open Anthropology 150x150Violence is the theme of the second issue of Open Anthropology. The collection “On Violence” offers information, revelations, historical facts, descriptions of context and portraits of situations over time and place, a sampling of anthropological findings on the subject. Ten articles, two book reviews, and “The Editor’s Note” comprise this anthology written by anthropologists across time, sub-discipline, and journal title culled from the full AAA collection. 

“Taken as a whole, this collection deepens understanding and draws attention to the critical ingredients in the making of violence, a phenomenon ubiquitous in the contemporary world,” notes editor Alisse Waterston (John Jay College, CUNY). Synthesizing major anthropological viewpoints on the topic, Dr. Waterston identifies a key feature of violence and raises central questions that anthropologists answer:  “Domination is a critical element. In what specific way is the playing field of social life uneven? Who uses violence, of what types, and to what ends?”

Content in Open Anthropology is selected from the full archive of AAA publications, curated into issues, and freely available on the internet for a minimum of six months, permitting any user to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search or link to the full text of these articles. Each issue is dedicated to topics of interest to the general public, and that may have direct or indirect public policy implications.

December AN Celebrates Anthropology and the Peace Corps

Ralph Bolton during his time in the Peace Corps. Photo courtesy Paul Doughty

Throughout 2011, the Peace Corps has celebrated its 50th anniversary. This is an important milestone for anthropology as well. Anthropologists were directly involved with in its design and implementation, and through the years many anthropologists have regularly joined as volunteers, and former volunteers regularly pursue careers in anthropology. This month’s contributors include Ralph Bolton; Ian Colquhoun, Alex Totomarovario and Andrew Walsh; Scott Freeman; Frank HutchinsRonald A SchwarzKatherine McCardwell; and Veronica Muoio and Michael Sheridan.

Check back to the AN website through December for additional contributions by Kathleen Gillogly, Sean Kois, Courtney Kurlanska, and Jon Wolseth. AN thanks all these contributors who have helped recognize the intricate relationship between anthropology and the Peace Corps as this milestone year comes to a close.

All AN content is available at www.anthropology-news.org during the publication month, plus one month after, and subsequently through AnthroSource. Be sure to rate articles and share your comments on the AN website.


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