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New Book Synthesizes and Reorients Ideas About Race

Race is a small but powerful word!  Race shapes how one sees and is seen by others. In the new book, RACE: Are We So Different?, authors Alan H. Goodman, Yolanda T. Moses and Joseph L. Jones explore how the central idea of race has been challenged and changed throughout history.

The book mirrors the nationally recognized public education project and museum exhibition of the same name by the American Anthropological Association (AAA). RACE: Are We So Different? casts a critical eye on race and racism in the United States through the lenses of history, science and lived experience. The book explains how human variation differs from the idea of race and conveys three central messages: 1) Race is a recent human invention, 2) Race is about culture, not biology, and 3) Race and racism are embedded in institutions and everyday life.

 RACE Book“Once in a while, but very rarely, a book comes along that clarifies and reorients a whole field of study. Race: Are We So Different? is such a book. Goodman, Moses, and Jones clearly and powerfully inform and enlighten the reader, not only about the latest scientific understandings of race, but also about why democracy and freedom depend on those understandings.   This book is a triumph!  Highly recommended for course adoption across the disciplines…” says Howard Winant, University of California, Santa Barbara.

Engaging essays by prominent scholars reveal how the idea and realities of race and racism are experiences today. Illustrated in full color with more than 150 images, RACE: Are We So Different? is a book that will have readers visualizing and questioning what race is really all about.

About the Authors
Alan H. Goodman is Professor of Biological Anthropology and the former Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty at Hampshire College, Goodman has written extensively on human variation and the biological consequences of inequality and poverty. Goodman is a past President of the AAA.

Yolanda T. Moses is Professor of Anthropology and Associate Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Excellence and Equity at the University of California, Riverside. A cultural anthropologist, she has published extensively on issues of social inequality in complex societies and cultural diversity in higher education in the United States, India and South Africa. With Goodman, she co-leads the national public education project sponsored by the AAA and funded by NSF and the Ford Foundation. Moses is a past President of the AAA.

Joseph L. Jones was RACE project manager for the American Anthropological Association. He has written on race and the stresses of slavery at the historic, New York African Burial Ground. Jones teaches at Howard University in Washington, DC.



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