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Lisa Gonzalez, An Anthropologist Back to School

Today’s guest blog post is by Lisa Gonzalez (Wayne State U). Gonzalez is a doctoral student in the Business and Organizational Anthropology Department. She has volunteered to lead a program in the Anthropologists Back to School initiative. Her program will take place at The Field Museum. This new initiative seeks volunteers to lead and assist programs at various host sites throughout Chicago on Wednesday, November 20 from 9am to12pm. Share your passion of anthropology while giving back to this year’s host city – Chicago. Learn more about how you can participate in Anthropologists Back to School and register today!

Lisa GonzalezI became interested in the Anthropologists Back to School initiative due to my passion of introducing young people to anthropology early on in their academic studies. I have followed the success of the Royal Anthropological Institute’s A-level Anthropology Program and had hoped to some day participate in a similar U.S. based program, whenever one is developed. I am pleased that AAA is taking the lead with this concept and look forward to many more opportunities to increase the awareness of Anthropology as a career to young people in the U.S.

During the Anthropologists Back to School initiative, I will lead a program on Peoples and Cultures of the Pacific at The Field Museum. I plan to discuss my interests in the culture and daily lives of Native Hawaiian people living in the Pacific today. Students will have the opportunity to participate in a cross-cultural exchange activity with Hawaiian youth while at the same time learning “what” anthropologists do and “how” they go about collecting research data.

Introducing young people in primary and secondary schools to Anthropology will increase their thinking about other cultures. Through their engagement with this program, they will develop a deeper understanding of themselves and how they fit into the world.

Learn more about how you can participate in Anthropologists Back to School and register today!


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