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New website – Indians of the Midwest, Past and Present

The D’Arcy McNickle Center for American Indian and Indigenous Studies announces the recent launch of a permanent, multimedia educational website, titled “Indians of the Midwest, Past and Present,” that is designed to engage and inform a broad audience about recent research by anthropologists and other scholars on tribal sovereignty; hunting, fishing, and gathering rights; casinos and other tribal businesses; treaties; identity; museum collections and repatriation; and stereotypes and their uses.  Loretta Fowler (Professor Emerita, Anthropology Department, University of Oklahoma) is the ethnohistorian and editor for the project.  The website includes video interviews with anthropologists Raymond DeMallie,Nancy O. Lurie, Larry Nesper, and Dawn Scher Thomae.  Also on the site are 43 essays, 700 illustrations, videos that highlight Native perspectives, maps, timelines, readings, quizzes, annotated bibliographies, and an Ask A Question feature that allows visitors to send questions to and receive answers from scholars.  In October, Timothy Pauketat and Grant Arndt were among the scholars who  answered visitors’ questions.  “Indians of the Midwest, Past and Present,” which is made possible by support from the National Endowment for the Humanities, focuses on contemporary issues as they affect Native people in the Great Lakes area and explores how these issues have roots in the complex histories and cultures of the region.


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