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New Issue of AE Features Occupy Movement

Read the latest issue of American Ethnologist available now!

Volume 39, Issue 2 (May 2012)
Angelique Haugerud, Editor’s Foreword Free Access

Occupy Movements: AE Forum  Free Access

More Research Articles

Douglas Rogers, The materiality of the corporation: Oil, gas, and corporate social technologies in the remaking of a Russian region

Fida Adely, “God made beautiful things”: Proper faith and religious authority in a Jordanian high school

Benjamin Smith, Language and the frontiers of the human: Aymara animal-oriented interjections and the mediation of mind

Jaffari Allen, One way or another: Erotic subjectivity in Cuba

Shaylih Muehlmann, Rhizomes and other uncountables: The malaise of enumeration in Mexico’s Colorado River Delta

Alison Holt Norris and Eric Worby, The sexual economy of a sugar plantation: Privatization and social welfare in northern Tanzania

Michal Kravel-Tovi, Rite of passing: Bureaucratic encounters, dramaturgy, and Jewish conversion in Israel

Marina Welker, The Green Revolution’s ghost: Unruly subjects of participatory development in rural Indonesia

Benjamin Junge, NGOs as shadow pseudopublics: Grassroots community leaders’ perceptions of change and continuity in Porto Alegre, Brazil

Lilith Mahmud, “The world is a forest of symbols”: Italian Freemasonry and the practice of discretion


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