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Montréal Mondays are Coming!

The AAA 110th Annual Meeting will take place this year in Montréal, Quebec, Canada from November 16-20, 2011. Now is the time to renew your membership, complete your meeting registration and submit your proposal. Remember, the proposal deadline is April 15, 2011 at 5:00 p.m. EST.

The staff here at AAA is so excited for annual meeting that we’re hosting a giveaway series called Montréal Mondays to help prepare you for your upcoming trip to Montréal! Each Monday between now and proposal deadline on April 15th we will post a Montréal trivia question on the AAA blog. To participate, post your answer as a comment to the blog post by 5:00p.m. EST. Two lucky people with the correct answer will win an item from the new AAA Café Press shop.

The winner will be announced later in the week on the Montréal Mondays tab of this blog , so check back often!

SVA Film and Interactive Media Festival 2011

Peter Biella, Photographer

The Society for Visual Anthropology (SVA) is accepting submission for the 2011 SVA Film and Interactive Media Festival in Montréal. SVA has a new online film submission system that incorporates WithoutABox. The system accepts submission of ultrashorts (<5minutes), shorts (<30minutes), feature length films, interactive presentations and audio/photo essays. Visit WithoutABox for the information on the pricing structure.

Submissions are due by April 15th. Register by March 15th and enjoy an early bird discount on your submission.

Visit the Society for Visual Anthropology website for additional information.

Montréal ranks #1

Did you know that Montréal ranks number one in North America for the number of university students per capita? According to Montréal’s tourism bureau, the city’s four major universities and seven university-level colleges award the most degrees in the country. Montréal also has the highest number of master and doctoral-level students in Canada. The field of sciences ranks the highest concentration of students in the city at 27%.

 Want to know more about Montréal? Visit the AAA Annual Meeting page.


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