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Which #AAA2012 Workshops Will You Be Attending?

  Are you registered to attend the 111th Annual Meeting yet? Booked your hotel? What about submitting your registration for workshops? There are several workshops offered each day during the Annual Meeting. Attendee space is limited, so be sure to register early!

Go to the Workshop page for abstracts,complete details and to register.  Here is a preview:

Thursday, November 15, 2012

  • Text Analysis: Systematic Methods for Analyzing Qualitative Data
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) & Cultural Anthropology: An Introduction to GIS As Method and Application In Anthropological Research
  • Getting An Article Published In a Peer-Reviewed Journal
  • NAPA Workshop On Project Management
  • NAPA Workshop On Ethnographic FIELD Schools: HOW They Work and Why They ARE A MUST for Anthropologists and Students
  • NAPA Workshop On issues In International Consulting
  • NAPA-NASA Student Workshop: Funding, Fellowships, Transferring, and Admissions
  • NAPA Workshop On Rapid Research In Public SettingsSponsor: National Association for the Practice of Anthropology
  • NAPA Workshop On Pattern Recognition In Evolution and In Ethnographic Analytics
  • SAE Mentoring Workshop: Practicing Anthropology

Friday, November 16, 2012

  • NAPA Workshop On Heritage Tourism: Theory and Praxis
  • How to Write A Grant Proposal: An Introduction to Grants and Programs At the Wenner-Gren Foundation and the National Science Foundation Session
  • NAPA Workshop On “First Impressions for a Lasting Impact: Using Elevator Speeches and Strategic Network Ties to Strengthen Your Networking Success”
  • Using Social Media As A Tool for Ethnographic Researchers
  • Rethinking Context and Theory In Ethnographic Research Design
  • NAPA Workshop On Marketing Oneself As An Anthropologist In a Variety of Interdisciplinary Settings
  • Workshop On Teaching Gender and Sexuality: Pedagogy At the Intersections
  • How to Find an Academic Job
  • SHA Poetry Workshop

Saturday, November 17, 2012

  • Photography for the Field – Part 1: Camera and Photography Basics
  • Introduction to Social Network Analysis
  • NAPA Workshop On Developing An Anthropological Career for a Lifetime
  • Anthropology Graduates: From Student to Career
  • Photography for the Field – Part 2: I’ve Taken the picture…now What?
  • Dissolving Boundaries of Power Through Community-Based Research: Photovoice Methodology As a Tool for Social Action
  1.     Roundtable Discussion On Writing and Luncheon
  2.     Roundtable Discussion On Multiculturalism and Luncheon
  3.     Roundtable Discussion On Language and Superdiversity and Luncheon
  4.     Roundtable Discussion On the European Economic Crisis and Luncheon
  5.     Roundtable Discussion On Race, Religion, Secularism and Luncheon
  6.     Roundtable Discussion On Borders, Materiality and Signification and Luncheon
  •  Writing Ethnography
  • Benign Guile: An Introduction to Final Cut Pro Ethnographic Film Editing (Macintosh laptops only)
  • Crafting Narrative Ethnography
  • Student Publishing Workshop

A Look at Our Earth on Earth Day

Earth Day 2012 – Jersey from the Acela - By Shirley Fiske

Today’s guest post is by the Chair of the Global Climate Change Task Force, Shirley Fiske.

Earth Day was on Sunday – not sure how you or your community observed it, but it seemed to be fairly low key from my perspective in NYC and Washington, D.C.  In New York City and there was food art off the High Line and giant puppet impersonators in Bryant Park, their outfits made of Styrofoam food containers; in Washington, D.C. it was a rather desultory Earth Day with rain and a small group of people huddled on the Mall, although Rev. Jesse L. Jackson was there in solidarity.

However, a childhood friend from L.A. sent me an article from the L.A. Times that was a bright spot, and you might want to check it out:

NASA has redesigned and enhanced their Global Climate Change website, providing aerial photos of deforestation and clearing in Brazil.  You can find them in a photo gallery called “State of Flux.”  As the article describes, there are examples of deforestation in Bolivia, urban growth in Saudi Arabia, and the creeping sprawl of Las Vegas.  (Earth Day 2012: A new look at the human footprint on Mother Earth, by Rene Lynch).  The new website provides remarkable images and “information-rich captions” to interpret the changes in land use.  While the article mistakenly ascribes the changes to population growth (it is only an intervening variable, not the causative factor), it is a valuable reminder of the important role that anthropologists have played from the beginning in understanding the human dimensions of climate change; and the importance of re-orienting the focus in climate modeling from “land cover” to “land use change.”  This was one of the early lessons from social sciences, and specifically from people like Emilio Moran, an anthropologist of course, and Diana Liverman, who is a cultural geographer.  The revised website from NASA may be one of the best efforts from federal agencies in the spirit of Earth Day 2012.


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