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Anthropologist Pleads Guilty for Stealing Artifacts

According to the Chicago Tribune, Professor Daniel S. Amick of Loyola University of Chicago plead guilty to violating the Archaeological Resources Protection Act:

Professor Daniel Amick pleaded guilty (last) Friday to violating the Archaeological Resources Protection Act, admitting to removing 17 artifacts, including arrowheads, from public lands on two field trips to New Mexico, according to the  statement by U.S. Attorney Kenneth Gonzales.

As part of the agreement, Amick pledged to return the artifacts and help investigators track down others still missing in a long-term scheme under investigation by the Bureau of Land Management. If Amick adheres to the terms of his probation, the judge in the case has agreed to drop the charge.

“The judge is saying that Dr. Amick made a mistake. Because it was associated with research … he agreed to drop the charges,” said federal criminal defense attorney Douglas McNabb, who is representing Amick. “He won’t have a record.”

Click here for the complete article.

AAA Member Honored with Distinguished Explorer Award

2011 Distinguished Explorer Award Winner

Congratulations to Steve Lekson!

Lekson is the first archaeologist to receive the Distinguished Explorer Award by the Roy Chapman Andrews Society.

A professor and curator of anthropology at the University of Colorado, Dr. Leckson has been discovering and digging ancient sites for nearly 40 years. Before moving to the University of Colorado, he served as President and CEO of the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center in Cortez, Colorado, and as an archaeologist with museums in Arizona and New Mexico. His explorations have been supported by the National Science Foundation, National Geographic Society, and National Park Service.

His most recent excavations have been at Black Mountain pueblo, a huge ruin in the bleak Chihuahua Desert of southern New Mexico. The site may be a “missing link” between the famous Mimbres and Casas Grandes cultures of the Southwest.

To read more about Lekson’s award acceptance program, click here.


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