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The 2014 AAA Photo Contest

Announcing the 2014 AAA Photo Contest

Submit Your Photos through July 6th*


If you could define your work in a single picture, what would it look like?


AAA members work all around the world, in the most diverse cultures imaginable, and we want to showcase them.  If you attended the annual meeting last year in Chicago, you may have noticed a calendar waiting in your complimentary bag with some truly gorgeous pictures—drawing not just from cultural anthropology, but also archaeology, linguistic, biological and political fields.


We’d like to do it again this year, drawing from a new batch of photographs provided by you, our membership.  Photographs can be anything you believe relates to your work; the photographs may not portray any nudity or illicit activity.


Contestants may submit their work in one of three categories: people, places, practice.  Along with your photograph, include a caption for your work, and a brief autobiographical statement of no more than 150 words.  Your biography will not affect your likelihood of being featured in the calendar—we just like to learn a little bit more about our active members. Photographs must be your own, and you must be a current member of the AAA.  Winning photos in the calendar will be printed at 11×8, so be sure the resolution is good enough to print at those dimensions.  Submit your photos to http://projects.aaanet.org/photo_contest/


You may begin submitting your photographs today. You are more than welcome to submit up to 3 photographs, but only one will potentially be featured in the calendar. The deadline for entries will be June 30.  After we’ve processed the photos, we’ll put all qualified entries to the membership for a vote in the late summer. The votes will be tallied, and the top 12 photos, from 12 different members, will be featured in the 2015 AAA calendar, which will be distributed at this year’s annual meeting in Washington DC.  Of course, all winners will also be showcased on our website.


Questions? Contact Andrew Russell at photos@aaanet.org .*

*Information updated from the AN article: June 30th became July 6th to account for a longer submission phase, and photos@aaanet.org which will now field all questions, while http://projects.aaanet.org/photo_contest/ will field submissions.

People, Place, Practice and Process in the AAA Photo Contest

"Win, Place, Show" by Brian Donahoe. 2009 AAA Photo Contest Winner.

We’re asking participants in the 2011 AAA Photo Contest to choose a category for each photo they submit. The categories are People, Place, Practice and Process. Here is a little about each:

  • People photos feature the “who” of anthropology. They may include portraits, small groups, crowds, researchers and more.
  • Place photos focus on the “where” of anthropology. Emphasis is on the location more than anything else.
  • Practice photos show the “what” of anthropology. They may focus on a specific area of study, but they may also show what anthropologists do in the course of their work.
  • Process photos demonstrate the “how” of anthropology. These photos are likely to show an in-depth aspect of anthropological work.

Just like in Brian Donohoe’s photo from the 2009 contest, photos can show elements from more than one category. The question to this year’s photo contest participants is: What do you want to emphasize?  

The Photo Contest is accepting submissions through August 15, 2011. Guidelines and the submission form are available here.

2011 AAA Photo Contest Opens June 15

"Uilta Reindeer Race" by Brian Donahoe. 2009 AAA Photo Contest Winner.

The AAA Photo Contest is back! The Photo Contest has been redesigned so that members will vote for the winning photos. To help both the participants and the members who choose to vote, this year’s contest features four categories: people, place, practice and process. Photographers will select which category they think best fits their photo.

Any AAA member will be able to vote for their top photos in each of the 4 categories. The top photos in each category will be on display at the 2011 Annual Meeting in Montreal and published in Anthropology News.

To participate, please note the following guidelines:

  • Participants must be current AAA members
  • Each participant may submit up to 2 photos
  • Each photo will include a title and brief caption that emphasizes its relationship to anthropology
  • Each photo must be from 2009 or later. Previously submitted photos do not qualify.
  • Each photo must be high resolution (300 dpi or more) so it can be printed for display at the annual meeting and in AN
  • Participants will select 1 of 4 categories for each photo: People, Place, Practice, Process

The Photo Contest will open June 15 and will accept submissions through August 15.  After the contest closes, AN staff will review the photos to ensure that each photo meets our technical requirements and guidelines, including a clear relationship to anthropology. Voting will open in mid-September and will last approximately four weeks.

The AAA Photo Contest is designed to encourage members to share their field experiences and demonstrate the breadth of anthropological work through photography. The impressive array of photos received in the past illustrates the diverse and exciting work anthropologists are pursuing today, as well as the insights that AAA members have to offer. Please visit our 2009 results page and 2008 results pages for details about past contests, or look at the photos in the AN Flickr gallery.

For updates, please stay tuned to the AAA blog. If you have any questions or comments, you may contact Amy Goldenberg.

AAA Photos Surpass 50,000 Views on Flickr

We are proud to announce that the Anthropology News Flickr photostream has now surpassed 50,000 views! Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to explore our members’ visual work on Flickr. The most popular images to-date include the winners and finalists of the 2008 AAA photo contest, followed closely in number of views by the winners and finalists of the 2009 AAA photo contest (including the first prize image, featured below). Visit our Flickr sets today to view photos from AAA events and publications, to select your favorites, and to offer comments on the images.

“Win, Place, Show” by Brian Donahoe

Want to submit your own photo essay to AN? Email Dinah Winnick (dwinnick[at]aaanet.org) and Amy Goldenberg (agoldenberg[at]aaanet.org).

Congrats, 2009 AAA Photo Contest Winners!

"Win, Place, Show" by Brian Donahoe. First Place, 2009 AAA Photo Contest.

We are pleased to congratulate the winners, finalists and semifinalists of the 2009 AAA Photo Contest! This year’s first place winner is Brian Donahoe’s “Win, Place, Show,” second is Emily Yates-Doerr’s “La Democracia,” and third is Shauna LaTosky’s “Baby Girl and Her Mother.”

The contest committee reviewed 311 entries from 87 participants, and selected 52 images for special recognition. See the winners, finalists and semifinalists in March Anthropology News and on Flickr. They will also be available soon in full color on AnthroSource. Special thanks to 2008 contest winner Peter Biella for serving on the 2009 contest committee.

We welcome your views and comments. Submit your thoughts here, on the Flickr page, or through a letter to the editor to dwinnick [at] aaanet.org.


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