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Photo Friday

The 2011 AAA Photo Contest is a showcase of anthropology at its best. Of the 93 photos submitted, AAA members selected their favorites in each of the four categories: Practice, People, Place and Process. You can view the top 20 photos in Anthropology News. Here on the AAA blog, we will feature several of the photos in the blog series, Photo Friday.

Shaping an Earthen Pot by Doranne Jacobson

Title: Shaping an Earthen Pot
Photo Courtesy of Doranne Jacobson
Contest Category: People
Caption: A village potter creates a water storage vessel, continuing a subcontinental tradition of more than 4,000 years. His young son looks on, starting to learn skills passed from father to son for untold generations. India’s potter castes proudly bear the title Prajapati, or Lord of Creatures, reflecting their ability to transform ordinary clay into essential household and ritual vessels as well as sacred images. Today, however, increasing use of plastic and tin containers is putting many potters out of business. This potter’s brother works as a van driver, and his son may not be able to earn a living practicing their ancestral occupation. Nimkhera, Madhya Pradesh, India, March, 2010.

Look for details on the 2012 AAA Photo Contest in late April!

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