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It’s time to vote in the 2013 Elections

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This month we’ll take a look at the candidates.

Today’s feature are the candidates for undesignated seat #4 of the Committee on Gender Equality in Anthropology. Responsibilities of the committee members include:

  • Monitor gender discrimination within the discipline
  • Pursue greater parity for women in the discipline by means of:
    a. monitoring, including gathering information that illuminates issues that effect the diverse women in anthropology as well as efforts to obtain existing comparable survey data,
    b. advocating, including bringing findings before the Association’s members, in the form of resolutions, when appropriate and
    c. educating, including distributing brochures, meeting with department chairs, setting up an interactive presence on the internet/web and writing periodic updates for the AN.
  • Identify forms of sexual harassment in all settings where anthropologists work and learn including the varieties of biases that complicate issues regarding race/ethnicity, gender stereotyping and preferences, class, and disabilities.
  • Interact on an ongoing basis with the Association’s long range planning process on issues of gender parity.

Click here to learn more about the Committee on Gender Equality in Anthropology.

Rebecca GalembaRebecca Galemba

My research examines the ethics of extra-legal practices at the Mexico-Guatemala border in a context where the poor are excluded from the “legal” economy. My interest in this position, however, stems from coming from a family of women who advocated for gender equality in education. Discussions with fellow feminist academics have influenced me to examine how the economic downturn, corporatization of the university, and the increasing reliance on non-benefited and insecure positions affect gender equity in terms of attaining and retaining positions, and how this breaks down according to class, race/ethnicity, and citizenship. I am particularly concerned with how these structural changes affect women in their childbearing years, as they encounter inconsistent and often, insufficient, family policies. For example, Mary Ann Mason (2011) shows that women with children are twice as likely as their male counterparts to work in contingent positions. I will advocate for gender parity in the discipline by comparing university protocols for family support and gender equity to focus attention on our own institutional structures. I believe that the AAA can be a vital public voice in advancing gender equality within anthropology and beyond, including supporting comprehensive attention to gender and family issues at the policy level.

Christina_Beard MooseChristina Beard Moose

I am so pleased to be selected as a candidate for a seat on the Committee on Gender Equity in Anthropology.  Since I began my academic career, I have been interested in and working toward gender equity in both academia and society-at-large.  As a feminist anthropologist and a women’s studies professor at the community college level, I have the opportunity to introduce my mostly young, mostly naïve students to the world of women.  Because I am still disturbed with the fact that our discipline – along with most others – does not give serious thought and presence to women’s place, women’s roles, or what many largely consider “the war against women,” I find myself wanting to make an ever-greater effort toward equity.  Please consider viewing my personal website, http://drbeardmoose.com, for a look at how I work with my students, my further publishing, and my work in anthropology.  Thank-you.

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