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It’s time to vote in the 2013 Elections

Voting ends today at 5pm EST. Cast your vote by logging in to AnthroGateway, click on the “My Information” page, and then click on the “Vote Now!” button.

This month we are taking a look at the candidates.

Today’s feature are the candidates for undesignated seat #7 of the Committee on World Anthropologies. Committee member objectives are to identify significant issues that are shared among anthropologists from different nations, to develop clear objectives for drawing US and international anthropologists together in ways that benefit anthropology globally, and to engage a diversity of international voices and perspectives and involve both academic and applied anthropologists in this endeavor.

Click here to learn more about the Committee on World Anthropologies.

Zoe CrosslandZoe Crossland

My research in Madagascar, the UK and Argentina takes me to three continents, and has encouraged an interest in how anthropological knowledge and techniques circulate outside the US, as well a concern to find ways to foster scholarly exchange internationally. In looking for ways to cultivate conversations between colleagues and students in different parts of the world I have usually seized particular opportunities as they presented themselves, seeking funding on an impromptu basis, as grants become available. While this kind of action has some limited impact, I am interested in working within the institutional structure of the AAA to find more consistent and sustainable ways to promote international collaboration.

The AAA is particularly well-placed to do this, given its wide reach and its membership’s varied experiences. In thinking about global inequalities and discrepancies in the intellectual work of anthropology I would value the chance to work with colleagues in the context of the AAA. I hope in this way to build upon my own experiences developing collaborative international fieldwork, conference grants, and publications; and to learn more about the possibilities for fostering access and collaboration across all dimensions of scholarship, including teaching, research and dissemination.

Ritu KhanduriRitu Khanduri

Serving on the Committee on World Anthropologies (CWA) will offer an opportunity to further my commitment to the Committee’s objectives, namely, to enhance and increase interaction with US and international anthropologists, and benefit anthropology globally. The CWA has identified three areas in which these objectives may be pursued: conference participation across the globe, broader publication in the CWA column, and access to research publications. My research and writing engage globalization processes, media, science and gender in the context of colonial and contemporary India. In addition, I have already begun working toward achieving the CWA’s objectives since having been selected as AAA’s Leadership Fellow in 2010. For more than a year, as a Leadership Fellow I have managed and edited the Anthropology News column titled, “J Drive.” This monthly column highlights the work and research of early career scholars in non-US institutions, and where applicable, collaborators in the US. As a member of the CWA, I look forward to serving in a larger capacity, continuing my work promoting the research of international scholars, and collaborating with colleagues to advance the CWA’s initiatives.

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