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AAA Members, It Is Time To Cast Your Vote

Hello AAA  Members,

It is time to vote and I think you are going to like the new, improved, streamlined on-line voting system.  The candidates and their engaging/quixotic photos and their erudite/informative platform statements, and in some cases changes to bylaws will be available to you, in a direct link from the AAA website.  Everything you need will open from the main page, or you can login directly through AnthroGateway and once you have selected AAA candidates through that ballot, you will go on to the section candidates on those ballots (for those you belong to) where you will be asked to vote also for bylaw changes and in one case a resolution.

As you know, because we have told you every year, it is perplexing that so few members vote (about 17% over the years).  Even if you don’t know any of the candidates (why should you? We are 11,000-plus members), you can read their statements and make a judgment about the commitment and talent that they will bring to AAA leadership.

Please cast your votes if only so that you can marvel at the new system in all its ease and esthetic qualities.  We have Kim Baker, Lisa Myers to thank for these modernizations and as always, if you have any questions or issues with voting, please contact Kim.  Any fresh ideas or feedback about the nominations process can be directed to me.

So get started by clicking here.

Debra Martin
AAA Secretary


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