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Section Summit on the Changing Job Market and Student Training: Linking Anthropology Departments and Practice

In recent years, as the academic job market continues to tighten, more and more anthropologists are finding jobs as practicing anthropologists and applying their skills and knowledge in positions outside of academic settings. This shift has important implications for anthropology curricula and student preparation for the changing job market.  This Session Summit, organized by Keri Brondo, Wendy Bartlo, and Mary Odell Butler, brings together leading practitioners of anthropology from a variety of subfields representing AAA sections, faculty from applied and public anthropology departments, and current anthropology students to reflect on strategies to improve the linkages between anthropology departments and non-academic work opportunities.

 Drawing on the conference theme of “traces, tidemarks, and legacies,” participants in this session will share some of the lessons and best practices associated with student training in vibrant applied anthropology programs. What skills do anthropology graduates need to succeed in positions beyond the university?  What changes in the curriculum would be useful for such students?  What strategies can faculty and community members adopt that would enable successful internships, class research projects, and post-graduate employment?  How might anthropology programs evolve to face the changing job market? And how do new anthropologists gain access to that job market? 

The session will be held on Saturday, November 19, 2011 from 18:15-20:15. Click here for participating sections and their representatives.

As in past years, the Section Summit cross-cuts the interests of applied and practicing anthropologists in all specialties. This interactive session will be of interest to faculty, practitioners, and students alike.


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