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It’s time to vote in the 2014 Elections

Cast your vote by logging in to AnthroGateway, click on the “My Information” page, and then click on the “Vote Now!” button.

This month we’ll take a look at the candidates.

Featured today are the candidates for the Nominations Committee Undesignated Seat#1: Teresita Majewski and Pamela Putenney

Responsibilities of the Nomination Committee include:

  • To organize information regarding candidates that have been nominated for any AAA elected position (nominees can be self-nominated or by an individual or group of members of the AAA)
  • To make sure that all necessary information has been received by the committee in time for the meeting (especially proof that the nominee has agreed to run and, should s/he win, accept the position)
  • To meet annually to discuss nominations
  • To make recommendations to the Executive Board regarding the candidates for each position
  • To utilize the specific guidelines established by the Executive Board when making recommendation

Click here to learn more about the Nominations Committee.

Teresita Majewski

Majewski_TeresitaA member of the AAA since graduate school, I served as a member-at-large of the Archaeology Division (AD) Executive Committee and as a member and then chair of the AD Nominations Committee. The committee received high praise from AAA staff who commented that the AD had one of the most active and effective nominating processes of the AAA divisions and sections. I can bring this experience to the AAA Nominations Committee and contribute to its success. My connections cross-cut the association and include practicing anthropologists, academics, museum anthropologists, and those in government service. As current co-chair of the newly established AAA Task Force on Cultural Heritage, I am working with AAA members from a wide range of constituencies. I also have extensive international connections, both in Latin America, Canada, and overseas. I have maintained my professional connections by presenting at various national, international, and regional meetings; by publishing regularly; and through professional service to the discipline. If elected, I am committed to working with my fellow committee members to provide the highest-quality nominees to carry out the AAA’s work and to encourage younger generations of anthropologists to contribute to the association’s success through service and innovation.

Pamela Puntenney

Putenney_PammelaThe current AAA agenda is far-reaching and significant reflecting the vitality and intelligence we bring to anthropology, be it academic or practitioners working in diverse settings. The leadership required to implement our goals hinges upon recruiting talent that has the ability to engage a complex range of audiences whether addressing the importance of science in anthropology, managing publications, jobs, or locating better meeting sites. Four goals I have for nominations include: 1) Encourage people to step forward that can work to bridge AAA’s initiatives; 2) strengthen the nomination pool through public outreach and communications activities; 3) further develop a responsive capacity in terms of strong nominations; 4) strategically support efforts to sustain recruiting over the long term. If elected, I will remain committed to the kind of activities this statement of advocacy entails: support of initiatives and activities to identify a pool of potential candidates; encouragement of continuing to build recruiting efforts within AAA; seek out enthusiastic colleagues eager to bring their talent and leadership skills to the tasks at hand and of course the support and encouragement of students and young professionals. I would enjoy the opportunity to serve you as a member of AAA’s Nominations Committee.

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It’s time to vote in the 2013 Elections

Cast your vote by logging in to AnthroGateway, click on the “My Information” page, and then click on the “Vote Now!” button.

This month we’ll take a look at the candidates.

Today’s feature are the candidates for Executive Board Practicing/Professional Seat: Elizabeth Briody and Teresita Majewski.

Members of the AAA Executive Board (EB) help to set the vision and strategic direction of the association, safeguard the organization’s assets, and ensure the fiscal, legal and ethical integrity of the association. EB members also translate the shared values and interests of the members into organizational plans and programs, determine desired organizational outcomes, and assess progress in achieving those outcomes. Click here for complete position details.

Elizabeth BriodyElizabeth Briody

One issue AAA faces is attracting and retaining practitioners.  More needs to be done to understand and implement offerings and membership benefits of interest to them – particularly career development.  AAA practitioners could serve as liaisons between the AAA and specific graduate programs, extending an invitation for AAA membership, providing introductions to members, and getting students and recent graduates involved in section committees and association initiatives. We also could learn why practitioners leave the AAA by asking them.  I have extensive experience in linking practitioners to academia and to AAA.  I am an adjunct professor at four universities.  Since 2009, I have served on the AAA’s Committee on Practicing, Applied, and Public Interest Anthropology (CoPAPIA) where I worked on improving the preparation of anthropology graduates for the non-academic job market.  In addition, I have been actively involved in addressing practitioner needs within the AAA for 25 years, including serving as NAPA President, co-founding the NAPA Mentor Program, and creating the awards-winning AAA video Anthropologists at Work: Careers Making a Difference. These experiences would help navigate the complexities of the AAA’s practitioner challenge.  I would like to bring my energy, perspective, and creativity to the AAA Executive Board’s Practicing/Professional seat.

Teresita_MajewskiTeresita Majewski

I have been a member of AAA since graduate school and have spent my entire career as a practicing professional. My service to the AD and other organizations has provided me with relevant experience and the skills to be an effective board member. As president of the American Cultural Resources Association (ACRA), which represents 150 U.S. firms and more than 3,000 employees, and in private sector heritage management, I have dealt with the full range of issues that affect practicing professionals in business environments, including best practices, ethics, human resources, client relations, finances, and professional development. Under my leadership, ACRA has increased membership, developed an effective government relations program, provided continuing education opportunities for members, and strengthened ties with sister professional organizations. I have been active in NAPA initiatives, including the Career Expo, and taught a stress-management workshop for students and young professionals. If elected, I am committed to representing practicing professional anthropologists wherever they are working and to encouraging the AAA to endorse academic and other programs and opportunities for young professionals and students who want to become practicing professionals. By doing so, the AAA can further expand the reach and relevance of anthropology to its members and beyond.

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