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AAA Member’s Study Makes Global Headlines

courtesy of the UK Daily Mail

AAA member, Dr. Alexandra Brewis and her colleagues recently completed a multi-country study with the intention of providing a snapshot of weight and body image.

The study abstract outlines the objectives, tools used and the results:

Using cultural surveys and body mass estimates collected from 680 adults from urban areas in 10 countries and territories, we test for cultural variation in how people conceptualize and stigmatize excess weight and obesity. Using consensus analysis of belief states about obese and fat bodies, we find evidence of a shared model of obesity that transcends populations and includes traditionally fat-positive societies.

Media coverage of the study spans the globe. From the major news outlets around the globe to local newspapers and television stations right here in the United States, people are weighing in on their own perception and their cultural perception of weight and body image.

Here’s a round-up of just a few of the media stories:
New York Times
UK Daily Mail
Times Of India
International Business Times

The study even made mention on NBC’s Saturday Night Live (study segment starts at 38:35 in the linked video).

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