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Smithsonian Celebrates Women’s History Month

Photo provided by Smithsonian Institution Archive

March is Women’s History Month. The Smithsonian Institution is celebrating by adding new photographs from their archives onto their Flickr Commons photostream throughout the month. Photos feature a variety of professional women throughout history and a dedicated set has been created for women in the field of science. The Smithsonian is adding new photos each week to their page in hopes that viewers can help identify or provide additional information than what they have captioned.

You can even honor the favorite woman in your life by sending a Visual Archives e-card:

Women’s History Month is not only a good month to recognize and learn about inspiring women who have come before us, it is also the time to recognize women in our own lives who make a difference. If you have a mother, daughter, sister, spouse, or friend you’d like to recognize, drop her a line.

Visit the Visual Archives blog, The Bigger Picture, to send an e-card today. There are three e-card images available for sending; of which, one is anthropologist Charlotte Grover Chapman.


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